Egyptian god winged dragon of ra statue 30cm Yu-Gi-Oh - KOTOBUKIYA

The 30cm Egyptian God Winged Dragon of Ra Statue by Yu-Gi-Oh - KOTOBUKIYA is an impressive collector's item. Inspired by the famous card game, this statue depicts the mighty Egyptian god with his majestic wings and piercing gaze. Measuring approximately 50 cm in height with its base, this statue is a true masterpiece of detail and finish. Made of high quality resin, it is strong and durable, weighing about 3 kg. This piece is a must-have for all Yu-Gi-Oh fans and Egyptian art lovers.

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Immerse yourself in the enigmatic realm of ancient Egypt with Kotobukiya's "Egyptian Winged Dragon God of Ra" statue, a captivating piece of art that evokes the power and grandeur of a legendary god from the Yu-Gi universe -Oh!.

This exquisite collectible statue, measuring 30cm, is a striking tribute to one of the saga's most iconic characters. Every detail of this piece has been meticulously crafted to capture the majestic and divine essence of Winged Dragon of Ra. Delicately sculpted feathers, Egyptian symbols and intricate shades of color add a dazzling artistic dimension to the statue.

Kotobukiya, renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship in creating top-quality collectible figurines, delivers here a work of art that transcends the boundaries of time and fiction. Every element, from the imposing face to the slender claws, reflects Kotobukiya's expertise in sculpting.

The base of the statue, designed to evoke the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids, adds an extra dimension to this work of art. Every angle of the statue reveals subtle details and shades of color that highlight the painstaking attention given to every aspect of the creation.

By adding the "Egyptian God Winged Dragon of Ra" statue to your collection, you add a centerpiece that captures the very essence of Egyptian mythology and the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. Whether you're an avid fan of the series or an art enthusiast, this statue is a captivating window into a world of divine power and eternal mystery.

Elevate your collection to new heights with this exquisite Kotobukiya statue. Immerse yourself in the fascinating epic of Yu-Gi-Oh! and ancient Egypt while decorating your space with a piece of art that embodies the grandeur and magic of two worlds. The "Egyptian God Winged Dragon of Ra" statue is more than just a collectible, it's an invitation to adventure and contemplation of the gods.

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