The pokémon company is the current publisher of the Pokémon TCG, a trading card game. Catch them all !

The Pokémon Company: The Magical Universe of Pokémon TCG Editions

The Pokémon Company is the magic behind one of the world's most iconic trading card games, the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Since its inception, The Pokémon Company has delighted Pokémon fans of all ages with exceptional editions of the card game that capture the imagination and spark passion for the Pokémon universe.

Why choose The Pokémon Company:

  • Pokémon Legacy : The Pokémon Company is the direct heir to the Pokémon universe, meaning its TCG editions are the most authentic and faithful expression of the Pokémon spirit.
  • Magical Variety : Each edition of the Pokémon TCG is an adventure in itself, with new cards, legendary Pokémon, and exciting gameplay mechanics to discover.
  • Strategy and Duels : Pokémon TCG editions are designed to provide a strategic gaming experience, where every card and every decision counts.
  • Holographic Cards : The Pokémon Company releases feature rare holographic cards that add a burst of magic to every collection.
  • Beginners Welcome : Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, The Pokémon Company editions offer an accessible experience for everyone.
  • Collect and Play : The Pokémon Company cards are designed to be collected and played, offering unparalleled versatility.

The Pokémon Company continues to breathe new life and adventure into the Pokémon universe through its exceptional TCG editions. Discover their latest edition, immerse yourself in the magic of Pokémon and join millions of players around the world who celebrate the passion for collecting and gaming.

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