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Dominaria UNI display 18 boosters jumpstart magic the gathering|TCG-CARD

Dominaria UNI display 18 boosters jumpstart magic the gathering

Mix 2 UNI jumpstart dominaria boosters and play! It's as simple as that.

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With Dominaria uni , the Jumpstart format offers for the first time a themed set including Standard-legal Magic cards. Jumpstart is the quickest and easiest way to get started in Limited Magic : just open two Jumpstart booster packs, shuffle them, and play! Jumpstart is ideal for experiencing Magic in Sealed Deck format, whether you are a beginner or a long-time fan. Forget deck building and jump into a game of Magic right away.

A Dominaria Uni draft booster contains:

- 20 cards in total
- 2 foil terrain cards
- 2 rares including 1 which is not in the basic edition

A premium (foil) card of any rarity can sometimes replace a common card. In addition to this, a Collector card (without border or showcase) can also replace a card of corresponding rarity.


The Dominaria United (DMU) expansion invites players to return to Magic's most storied plane, kicking off a year-long story arc that packs a dose of heroism and courage.


Jumpstart boosters return with Dominaria uni, bringing draft, set, and collector boosters together into one booster type for upcoming major expansions. These booster packs contain two Premium basic lands, two rare cards, including a new rare card unique to this Jumpstart booster release, and a rare or mythic rare card from United Dominaria for a total of 20 Magic cards. There are ten themes, two for each of the five colors, to combine, mix and play with:

White: Coalition Corps and Coalition Legions
Blue: Mystical Malice and Arcane Malice
Black: Totally Merciless and Totally Implacable
Red: Ready to charge and Ready to attack
Green: Beast Territory and Monster Territory
Two Jumpstart boosters give you everything you need to immerse yourself in a game of Magic. They offer a new way to take part in the celebrations of the Prerelease of the United Dominaria expansion from September 2 to 8.

Additionally, one of the non-Premium basic lands in each Kingdom Jumpstart Dominaria booster will feature the Stained Glass Showcase treatment.

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