ULTRA PRO - transparent outer sleeve jap format (60 sleeves)

Small sleeve sleeves are designed as the outer layer of your card and protect your limited edition printed sleeves.

Best used with Ultra PRO small size deck protectors.

Made from ultra-clear, archival safe and acid free material.

60 pouches per pack.

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Ultra Pro
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Provide superior protection for your precious cards with Ultra PRO's Clear Outer Sleeve Protective Sleeves. Designed as an outer layer of security, they safeguard your limited edition printed sleeves, guaranteeing their pristine condition.

These sleeves are ideal for pairing with the Ultra PRO small deck protectors, creating a complete defensive barrier for your cards. The ultra-clear material used ensures crystal clear visibility while preserving the integrity of your precious collections.

Safety and preservation are at the heart of these pouches. Archival safe and acid free, they ensure your cards remain in pristine condition over time. Each pack contains 60 pouches, providing a complete solution for your protection needs.

Make sure your cards stay safe from damage, whether they're limited edition or just precious to you. Opt for the Ultra PRO Transparent Outer Sleeve Protective Sleeves and offer them the best possible protection.

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Ultra Pro
10 Items

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