Ultra Pro 50 sleeve clear matte standard size

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Card format: standard ( 56 x 87mm)

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Ultra Pro
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Discover the best choice to protect your precious game cards with the Ultra Pro 50 standard size transparent matte sleeves. Made by the renowned Ultra Pro brand, these sleeves are specially designed to meet the needs of TCG card game players.

The impeccable transparency of these sleeves allows you to showcase your cards while protecting them from scratches, stains and daily wear and tear. Thanks to their matte finish, they offer a pleasant playing sensation and perfect grip, ensuring fluid and precise handling during your games.

The superior quality of Ultra Pro 50 standard size matte transparent sleeves is unmatched. They are made from durable and resistant materials, guaranteeing optimal long-term protection for your cards. Plus, their standard size fits most game cards perfectly, allowing you to use them with a wide variety of TCG card games.

Don't compromise the security of your gaming cards. Opt for the standard size Ultra Pro 50 transparent matte sleeves and give them the protection they deserve. With their unrivaled quality, sleek matte finish and universal compatibility, these sleeves are the ideal choice for all TCG card game players concerned about preserving the value and integrity of their cards.

Trust Ultra Pro, the benchmark brand in the field of TCG card game accessories, and choose the Ultra Pro 50 transparent matte sleeves in standard format for optimal protection and an unrivaled gaming experience.

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Ultra Pro
9 Items

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